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Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm organized!

I have always had a passion for precision, commitment to coordination and

am here to help you! 

I specialize in organizing closets, pantries, bathrooms, laundry rooms.


Whether you're looking to re-organize a room or just a few shelves, getting started can be intimidating.

That's where I come in!


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I am available in the NY Tri-State Area, as well as at the DE Beaches.

Professional Home Organizing Services come with a complimentary consultation as well as assistance with donating items


I was born and raised in an apartment in New York City, so from a young age I have been utilizing small spaces and making the most of storage. I have always had an obsession for order and after a few friends and family admired my personal spaces, I started to give the gift of organizing!

In addition to organizing, I have a passion for community service and weave it into everything I do. I vow to make sure all your discarded items go to a special place and nothing goes to waste.

Whether it's donating used books, old clothes, or unwanted food, it will find a new home.

Reduce, Revive and RayOrganize your home with me!

Follow me on Instagram for inspiration and updates!

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